Saturday, May 26, 2007

Things are getting better

Yesterday was a much more eventful day that the first two. I had a noon assignment to shoot the adventure desk at Circus Circus. Went pretty well except I got ripped a new one by some lady. I was being polite and I asked permission to shoot from everyone before, not really sure why since I don't have to, but I was being courteous. So I asked this guy "do you mind if I take your picture for the RGJ?" He said of course not. And then I turned to his wife and asked her and she freaked out! She started yelling "No I don't want my picture taken, I'm all pictured out this week and don't you dare take my photo..." and on and on. So I said, "No problem, I don't have to take your photo I'll just focus on your husband." She started huffing because apparently she didn't want her husbands photo taken either. But none the less I started shooting him. And then the crazy lady decides to hop in front of the camera, but that wasn't a big deal, I just shot tight on her husband and blocked her out. Mostly she just made me laugh.

After that I came back and edited the photos. I was done by one and my next assignment wasn't until 5:30. I asked Tim whether he wanted me to go out and drive around and find something or stay in the office and wait to see if something happened. He told me to hang out for a little while. So I came back and sat at my desk and read some news. Then Candace was going out to the fire and Tim told her to take me so I went with. We got out there and realized that 90% of the workers are inmates who were very excited to see two pretty girls, and to make it worse, Candace was in a skirt. I was amazed at how they just starred at us. Even if we made eye contact with them they didn't turn their heads like most people would.

We got back and hung out in the office for a bit and then it was time for me to cover the protest in front of city hall. Went over there, but it wasn't all that great. I got a couple photos that were alright

Today was a good day as well. I had an assignment that I was actually really excited about. One of the Boy Scouts troops was at Our Mother of Sorrows placing flags on veterans graves. I went and followed them around for about an hour and got a few photos that I really liked.

Now I'm heading to a concert. OHHHHH good news. I bought two news lenses. I got a 17-35 and a 75-300. I'm really excited. More to come.

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jessica said...

My favorite's the shot at the top, I like the angle.
Glad it's getting better!