Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So this is what a real newspaper is like?

The one lesson that I have learned today is that I truly enjoy all the work I do at the Sagebrush. I mean it. Even after all the swearing and bitching about how ridiculous something might be, I truly do love it. My first day at the gazette was quite uneventful. I came in at 10 and went straight to human resources because I lost my old key so I tried to get it replaced, but of course the computer having a slow start so no luck there.

I then went and sat in the photo area from 10-12 and did nothing! Liz was working on Soundslides so I helped her out a little. But for the most part I checked my e-mail, bank account, myspace and news sites.

At noon we had a staff meeting, and then I went to my first assignment. There are two women who are holding a class for first time home buyers. So I shot a profile of the two, but it was slightly a disaster. The two women were really nice and everything, but I couldn't get them to stop laughing or moving around and finally I just gave up. The photos didn't turn out that bad though. If I figure out how to post them I will.

After the shoot I got back to the office and edited them quickly. Then I sat and waiting for something else to do. Finally at 3ish there was a fire that wasn't a big deal but I ended up going and checking it out. Got back to the office at about 4 and sat once again on my butt doing nothing. Finally as I'm packing up at 6:45, another call comes over on the scanner about a fire in Spanish Springs. So Parker said, "hey, they are light on photos, you want to check it out?" This resulted in my heading out to the fire where I ran into my sports broadcast buddies.

And after an hour and a half of overtime I am home watching tv. I'm a happy camper.


jessica said...

Aww. That sounds like no fun at all.

MikeMan said...

That's not how a real newsroom works. Also, as a photographer you should be working with reporters more or going out and finding things and pitching stories too. I've only seen one photographer while I've been here (out of like 8 or 10) and he was on his way out the door looking flustered.